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Welcome to MortgageClaims.com.au! If you have had a mortgage in the Australia in the last 10 years you may be due compensation. MortgageClaims.com.au specialise in mortgage assessment and can help you get any potential compensation you deserve.

  • Has your mortgage been running for over 10 years?

  • Have you had an interest only mortgage on your owner occupied property?

  • Have you consolidated debts, credit cards or loans into your mortgage?

  • Have you ever missed a payment on your mortgage or has your mortgage ever been in arrears?

If any of the above applies to you, it is likely you could have a successful claim.

About MortgageClaims.com.au

At MortgageClaims.com.au our mission is to help you identify and seek any compensation you may be owed from your mortgage lender or broker.

Unlike claims of the past which may have recovered several thousands, mortgage cases can result in higher compensation values due to the higher value of mortgage loans.

What does this mean to you? Put simply, confidence! You can feel confident that our assessment is thorough and precise through ascertaining the merits of potential claims.

If your assessment is successful, our results can then be utilised by one of our panel of solicitors, to help them prove you are entitled to compensation and quantifying how much you are owed.

If you have had a mortgage, or even multiple mortgages, in the UK, MortgageClaims.com.au are waiting to help assess these and identify if you may be owed compensation on one or more of your mortgages.

MortgageClaims.com.au is part of Quanta Law Limited. We are specialists in seeking compensation for financial mis-selling and miscalculation cases. Quanta Law Limited is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) for regulated claims management services.

At MortgageClaims.com.au we perform a comprehensive review of your mortgage, we assess for...

  • Breaches of industry regulations

  • Breaches of consumer legislation

  • Mortgage mis-sales

We will assess whether you have a claim and quantify how much compensation you may be entitled to. If you wish to pursue your claim, we will select a firm from our panel of solicitors to progress your case. Our panel, all specialise in mortgage compensation cases and operate on a No Win No Fee basis*

Mis-Sold Mortgages

If it can be established that your mortgage was mis-sold then you may be able to claim for losses from the start of the mortgage. Mortgage regulation states that lenders and brokers must ensure your mortgage is not unsuitable.

Your broker should have explained Interest Only vs Principle and Interest repayment and explained that you may have to switch to a Principle Repayment at some point. This type of mortgage seems cheaper in the short-term but in the long-term it is significantly more expensive.

Negligent advice from a broker or a lender may have resulted in your mortgage being mis-sold.

Many people do not realise that they have been mis-sold a mortgage product and the term “mortgage mis-selling” can cover a wide range of scenario’s, as each case will be fully assessed based on their individual circumstances.

A mortgage may have been mis-sold if:

  • You were advised to take a mortgage product that was not suitable for your needs

  • You were advised to take one product over another on the basis that the broker would receive a larger commission

  • You were advised to consolidate debts, loans or credit cards by switching lender and refinancing

  • Your retirement date is before your mortgage ends

  • The broker did not submit the correct information on the mortgage application to obtain a higher mortgage offer

  • Adequate checks were not carried out by the lender or broker to ensure a suitable repayment vehicle was in place

  • You were advised to switch mortgage lenders without being told about any fees and penalties that you incurred

If you are in an IVA or Debt Management Plan, please Click Here for further information before applying.

Mortgage Breach

When a mortgage offer is made to a potential borrower this offer will specify the interest rate that applies to that mortgage. The borrower will accept this offer expecting to be charged interest at the rate specified in the mortgage offer. Given the complexities of calculating interest the borrower puts their trust in the lender that the payments will be calculated correctly and in accordance with the agreement.

Unfortunately, many people have made overpayments on their mortgage due to miscalculations on the part of their mortgage lender. Many lenders have misallocated payments and applied interest rate errors, this has resulted in some borrowers paying thousands of dollars in overpayments towards their mortgage which they are entitled to have refunded.

A Mortgage breach may have occurred if:

  • You have ever fallen into arrears with your mortgage

  • You have been charged excessive administration fees or arrears fees

  • You had an Interest Only loan that converted to Principle and Interest

  • The lender paid your broker a fee that was added to the mortgage

A True No Win No Fee*

To ensure our services are available to every person in the Australia, regardless of their financial circumstances, all of our cases are taken on a True No Win No Fee* basis. Through our partners we have secured finance to ensure every case can be fully funded and can be progressed without delay, we have then backed this with full case Insurance to ensure that if your claim is unsuccessful you will not pay a penny!

There is no charge at all for us to begin your assessment, and you are under no obligation to pursue a claim once it is complete. We will collect the evidence and provide you with the facts you need to decide whether to take your claim forward!

A Specialist Mortgage Assessment

The mortgage assessment team is comprised of highly trained individuals, led by mortgage industry experts, with decades of experience.

This utilises our industry-leading in-house software, we guarantee an unprecedented level of accuracy, allowing the production of high-quality mortgage assessments. This ensures the highest possible success rate on all our claims. Our aim is to ensure we give you the greatest chance of receiving compensation.

To find out if you may be able to claim, you will only need three things, these are:

  • The name of your mortgage provider
  • The date the mortgage started
  • The mortgage value

You can still claim if:

  • You had a joint account with someone you no longer live with; each person may be entitled to compensation

  • You don’t currently own the property that was mortgaged

  • The company or adviser who sold you the mortgage are not trading anymore. It may still be possible to make a claim against the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) and you may still have a claim for overpayments

Frequently Asked Questions

Your mortgage provider has a duty to treat you fairly and there are no grounds for them to ask for the mortgage to be repaid or to change the payments based on a claim being made. However, if we identify a mortgage overcharge on the part of your lender and your claim is successful, your payments may change after your claim as the lender will be required to apply the correct interest and charges.

Your claim will not be registered with any credit referencing agency and you will be able to refinance or apply for a new mortgage just as you can now. Your current lender could even offer you a better deal moving forward.

We don’t expect you to provide to us the documentation from your mortgage arrangement.

As long as you can tell us who provides your mortgage and the date it started, we should be able to validate your claim or inform you otherwise. We will ask a few other questions to gather the circumstances of the sale but it’s unlikely you will need to check paperwork to answer these simple questions.

If the company or broker who sold you the mortgage has stopped trading, had their licence withdrawn or gone out of business, it may still be possible to make a claim against the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) compensation fund. Please contact us and we will discuss this with you further.

Yes, you can pursue a claim independently using the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA).

The simple answer is, Yes!

  • Perhaps your property was repossessed as you couldn’t afford the mortgage payments from the beginning?
  • Perhaps you had to sell the property and downsize or rent?
  • Perhaps you invested in a property and raised the funds on your residential home to do so?

If this sounds like you, you could have a successful claim. Contact us or fill in our web form and find out today.

Your ability to claim will not be affected by there being joint names on the mortgage as both are eligible to make a claim. However, we will need both parties consent and cooperation with the case. Therefore, in order to proceed we would need a signature from all parties.

If a party is deceased, we can assess your case, provided that you can supply us with a death certificate and name of the executor of the deceased estate.

You may have a valid claim for each mortgage.

Claims are expected to take 12-14 months to conclude.

MortgageClaims.com.au do not charge for our assessment services. If we believe you have a valid claim you will be offered the services of one of our experienced panel law firms.  If you choose to use their service and your claim is successful, your solicitor will deduct a fee from the compensation you are awarded. An After The Event insurance policy, which is to ensure you do not have to pay anything if you lose your case, will be deducted from any compensation you may receive (but you will not pay for it if you are unsuccessful).  The deduction for this insurance is $xxxxxxx.  Additionally, there may be deductions for legal expenses if these are not recovered as part of your compensation. You can read more about the fees and charges in the solicitor’s documentation which is sent to you before you commit to anything.

You are not committing to pay any fees when you enquire with Mortgage.Claims and take up our assessment services.

All work is carried out on a No Win No Fee* basis. If you claim is not successful and you do not receive compensation, you will not be charged.

Your solicitor will advise you on the best way to proceed with your case and you must be prepared to attend court if necessary, although many cases are likely to settle before trial.

After The Event (“ATE”) Insurance, is used to protect you and your claim against any adverse costs should, for any reason, your claim not reach a positive conclusion. Along your journey to redress for your mortgage claim, your chosen solicitor will require a number of disbursements to assist in the success of your case. These disbursements (incurred costs) will most likely be covered by a disbursement funder. If for any reason your claim is unsuccessful, the ATE policy guarantees that you will not incur any costs whatsoever for this funding.

*There may be cancellation charges once your case has been passed to a solicitor if you cancel your claim after 14 days but before it’s completed. There is no charge if you complete your claim but it is unsuccessful.